Emiliano Morales. Artist

I am a young artist based out of Montreal with a background in Fine Arts from Dawson College and I am currently studying Art History at McGill University. I  work primordially with acrylic pigments and acrylic mediums to create an array of textures; I also always try to give my paintings an exploratory or experimental quality to them. To achieve this I most often bring in objects textures and materials that are not necessarily associated with painting but that I believe bring the message of the work forth. I paint because I believe that it is through my artwork that I could, one day, make the biggest impact. Art is not only a representation of its time but also that, which looks at the world around them with a critical eye. It is an artist’s duty to see the world and depict it in such a way that people will be moved and changed by it. Art is what allows people to see the world through a different light. This is what I aspire to do in my work; it is with that in mind that I paint, and will continue to paint. As my drawing teacher, Giuseppe di Leo once said:


“The great artist is not he who can move their hands around the paper or canvas the best, but rather it is he who can see the world the best.”

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